Wealth management solutions

The universe of potential investment strategies is enormous and somewhat bewildering. Some of the decisions that an investor faces include:

  • What are the objectives of the portfolio and what are the best ways of seeking to achieve those objectives
  • The best type of structure for the investment portfolio
  • The overall return and risk characteristics of the portfolio
  • How to allocate the portfolio across the different asset classes
  • Whether to have passive or active exposure to the asset classes
  • Whether to invest directly or via managed investments such as unit trusts and ETFs
  • How to adapt and evolve the portfolio to an ever changing investment environment

To effectively build and manage your investment portfolio we have an internal investment management team and engage with specialist investment and asset allocation consultants and service providers. We can advise on a wide range of investment solutions, including those managed by our internal team or by external managers, with the ultimate objective of tailoring the solution to your objectives and requirements.

With more than three decades of experience managing and selecting investment portfolios, our Chief Investment Officer has successfully navigated through a wide range of economic and financial market environments for the benefit of our clients.

Ultimately the wealth management advice that we provide and the decisions that we make are guided by our investment philosophy.