Strategic advice tailored to your needs

Holistic strategic financial advice encapsulates a wide range of subjects to position you to achieve the most beneficial outcomes over the long term.  Some of the key areas in which we can provide strategic advice tailored to your needs include:

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Wealth accumulation & preservation

Developing strategies to help you sustainably and effectively build your wealth over the long term and ultimately preserving that wealth when required. The appropriate strategy changes as your circumstances change and you shift from creating and building your wealth, to maximising your wealth to ultimately enjoying and sharing your wealth.


Investing via superannuation is one of the most tax effective strategies to save for your retirement. It is also an area where the rules and regulations change constantly. We will advise on how best to utilise superannuation to build, maximise and preserve your wealth.

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Self managed superannuation funds

A self managed superannuation fund can provide great flexibility and some benefits, but there are also costs and disadvantages. We can advise if a self managed superannuation fund is the appropriate path for you, or whether there may be other options which are more appropriate.

Insurance and crisis planning

The reality of life is that unexpected events do happen. Forward planning can help to safeguard you and your family and ensure that these events do not derail your long term plans.


Estate planning

The rules and regulations regarding the treatment of estates continue to evolve, thus ongoing planning for these events is necessary to ensure that your legacy is appropriately protected and passed on to your beneficiaries. In conjunction with specialist estate planning lawyers we can help you develop and implement a plan to ensure your wishes are adhered to and achieved.

Pensions and retirement planning

Transitioning to retirement can be a period of emotional and financial stress, but it need not be that way. We will create and continually evolve a strategic plan leading up to and in retirement that will give you confidence in achieving your long-term objectives. We wish this period of your life to be one of happiness and contentment.


Aged care

The aged care system in Australia continues to change with an increasing range of options available. We can help you to understand and evaluate these options to make informed and confident decisions about the best way forward.